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Pole support box

Pole Vault Box

Model / Article: AT 0018

Box for the pole vault. The box is made of metal with rounded top edges. Must be in a "recessed" position relative to the sector level for take-off. Tray for an emphasis 1 m long measured along the bottom of a tray. The width of the tray at the edge facing the take-off run is 60 cm, and at the support wall, when measured along the bottom, up to 15 cm. The angle between the bottom of the box and the support wall is 105 degrees. Permissible error for dimensions and angles is: ± 0.01m and - 0 ° / + 1 °). The depth of the box at the supporting wall is 20 cm below ground level at the point where it is in contact with the stop surface. The box is designed in such a way that its sides are turned outward at approximately an angle of 120 degrees to the bottom. It can be equipped with an aluminum cover.

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