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Pole support box

  • Pole support box SPORTIN
  • Box for the support of the poles SPORTIN
Pole vault box

Model / Code: AT 0018

Price: 7850 UAH

made to order

Pole vaulting box or box. The drawer is made of metal with rounded top edges. Should be in a "recessed" position relative to the sector level for the takeoff run. It is used for competitions of all categories.

Pole Support Tray Specifications

  • length (along the bottom of the tray) - 1m
  • width (at the edge facing the takeoff run) - 0.6m
  • width (at the support wall when measured along the bottom) - 0.15m
  • the angle between the bottom of the box and the support wall is 105 degrees
  • the depth of the box (at the support wall below ground level at the point where it touches the surface of the stop) is 20 cm.
  • White color
  • powder coating with zinc primer

The permissible error for dimensions and angles is: ± 0.01m and - 0 ° / + 1 °). The box is designed in such a way that its sides are turned outward at an angle of approximately 120 degrees to the bottom. Can be completed with an aluminum cover.

Made on modern, high-quality equipment from the same materials. Has a SES certificate, a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine.

You can buy a box for the support of the pole by calling by phone or filling out the "Make an order" form.

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