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Long jump take-off bar

Competitive long jump and triple jump push-off bar

Model / article: АТ 0026

Cost: 9000 UAH

made to order

Long jump and triple jump are included in the disciplines called horizontal jumping in athletics. Takeoff, takeoff and the jump itself are the elements of these sports. To determine the place of repulsion, a bar is used. The beam is a unified place where the takeoff run ends, recessed at the level of the surface of the landing and takeoff area.

The bar is made according to the IAAF and TU standards developed by our company. Has a certificate of SES and compliance.

The push-off bar is made of a wooden board, rectangular in shape, which prevents slipping of the athlete's shoe spikes when in contact with it. Painted white. Equipped with a bar with plasticine spade indicators on both sides, as well as a training bar without plasticine indicators. The indicator bar is a rigid bar 10 cm wide and 122 cm long, painted in a contrasting color relative to the bar. Plasticine has a third color, which is different from the bar and the bar.

Assembled repulsion bar dimensions:

  • Width - 300mm
  • Length - 1220mm
  • Depth - 100mm
  • Weight - 15kg

The delivery set also includes a tray for the installation of a push-off bar, which is concreted in place. Auxiliary strips to prevent spatial deformations during concreting.

Contents of delivery:

  • Repulsion bar -1 pc
  • Plank with plasticine spade indicators - 1 piece
  • Bar without indicators - 1pc
  • Tray - 1 piece
  • Plywood inserts for tray mounting - 1 set

The bar has adjusting bolts for positioning it in the tray. All component parts are processed in such a way as to resist the influence of precipitation and ultraviolet radiation. It can be completed with a cover, which is covered with a runway material. Used when the bar is not involved and covers the space it occupies.


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