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Athletic barrier

  • Athletics barrier SPORTIN
  • Jumping barrier
  • Competition track and field barrier
Athletics hurdle, running hurdle, SPORTIN sports hurdle

Model / Code: AT 0001

Price: 2750 UAH

made to order

Professional athletics barrier for competition, also called running barrier, sports barrier is produced by SPORTIN in accordance with the IAAF standards, for the following disciplines:

  • hurdling
  • running with obstacles
  • athletics training
  • and etc.

SPORTIN Athletics Barrier Construction

The barrier is made of metal. The top plank is made of wood, moisture resistant birch plywood or plastic. The barrier consists of two bases and two vertical posts, forming a rectangular frame, reinforced with one crossbar. The uprights are attached at the outermost point of each base.

The weight of the barrier is such that a force of at least 3.6 kg applied horizontally to the middle of the upper crossbar is required to tip it over. The barrier is height adjustable for each distance. For this, a counterweight is provided so that the barrier overturns only when a force of at least 3.6 kg and not more than 4 kg is applied.

The maximum horizontal deflection of the barrier bar (including the deflection of the uprights) does not exceed 35mm, if a force equal to the weight of 10kg is applied to the central part.

The top bar is painted with black and white stripes or other highly contrasting colors so that lighter stripes at least 22.5 cm wide are located outside.

Athletics Barrier Size:

  • Width - 1.19m
  • Length (base) - 0.7m
  • Crossbar height - 7cm
  • Total weight - not less than 10kg

Barrier Adjustment Height:

  • 1067mm
  • 991mm
  • 914mm
  • 838mm
  • 762mm

Collapsible design for easy assembly and transportation. Installed spring-loaded buttons for adjusting the height and fixing the counterweights. Counterweights are installed in rails for smooth operation.

The athletics barrier is made of modern, environmentally friendly materials, according to the requirements of GOST, DSTU, TU developed by our company. Has a SES certificate, a certificate of conformity. 12 months warranty. Delivery and installation throughout Ukraine.

Applied for use on:

  • stadiums
  • sports grounds
  • track and field arenas
  • gyms
  • school grounds
  • school gyms
  • sports sections
  • Universities
  • and etc.

You can buy an athletics hurdle by calling the phones indicated in the contacts or by filling out the "Make an order" form.

In hurdling, standard distances are used:

  • Men, juniors and youths: 110m, 400m
  • Women, juniors and girls: 100m, 400m

10 barriers are installed on each lane, each barrier must be located on the lane in such a way that its steps are directed in the direction opposite to the direction of running, and the edge of the bar closest to the runner coincides with the marking of the lane closest to the athlete.

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