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Football goal "Country"

  • Football goal

Football goal "Country" 1,3х1,8m

Model / Article: FB0018

Country football gates were created by our company, especially for country houses, cottages, etc. The size of the goal 1.8x1.3m allows you to save the space of the playground, while at the same time giving excitement and the sharpness of a full match. The frame of the gate is made of a metal profile 80x80mm, the depth of the gate is 0.7m at the bottom and 0.2m at the top. The design allows you to disassemble the gate for transportation and ease of storage. The base color is black and white, other colors are negotiated individually. Equipped with stationary hooks for attaching the mesh. Grid not included.

Note!!! The operation of the gates is prohibited without rigid fastening to the floor or the enclosing elements of the hall, platform. Gates can be made for fastening them in mortgage sleeves.

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