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Basketball backboard 1200x900mm plywood

  •  Basketball backboard 1200x900mm plywood

Basketball backboard 1,2kh0,9m with a cloth from moisture resistant plywood.

Model / Code: BB 0001

The basketball training board 1200x900mm is made with an anti-vibration frame over the entire area of ​​the playing surface of the back side. Plywood processed from all sides. The ends are rounded by a small radius and painted with oil compositions to prevent moisture from entering the ends. The playing plane is ground and painted with oil compositions. The marking is made in accordance with the requirements of FIBA. Attaching the ring directly to the frame prevents damage to the playing surface, increasing the maximum allowable load on the ring and the shield as a whole. Removal of the shield 500mm from the wall or pipe. The kit includes a ring and mesh.

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